About Us

GC Podcasting

Successful podcasting requires a range of expertise including marketing and promotion. GC Podcasting has the bases covered.

three Decades of Experience

Galbraith Communications (GC) has a long history in corporate outreach going back to 1987. We began as a writing and research firm based in Ottawa, Canada providing press releases and speeches to government departments.

When the web emerged, clients asked us to put their reports online, allowing us to expand into web development and database management.

It was in 2003 that a client asked us if we could also do live webcasting. Streaming was very new at the time. We hired advanced programmers to create one of the web's first webcast platforms. In the years that followed, we broadcast major events over the Internet.

Today, we are still doing live webcasting, but also putting our decades of experience into the hot trend of podcasting to help corporate and government clients take advantage of this mainstream channel.

We have a team of professional writers, researchers, planners, broadcasters, editors, graphic designers and social media experts all working together to create powerful messaging.